It is an innovative application of mathematics, science and empirical evidence to the design, creation, construction, maintenance and operation of structure, processes, and organization for the humankind. In the era of development, engineering is considered the important branches, which involved with mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering and robotic engineering. There are further so many other engineering inter-disciplines and sub-disciplines fields that may or may not be the part of these important engineering branches. Chemical engineering is involved with the chemical, biological and physical sciences for the conversion of the raw materials or chemical into more valuable or useful forms. It is involved with bio-molecular engineering, material engineering, molecular engineering, process engineering, corrosion engineering and so on. Civil engineering deals with design construction and maintenance of the physical and natural built environments. It is engaged with environment engineering, geo-technical engineering, structural engineering, mining engineering, transport engineering, utility engineering, water resources engineering and so on. Electrical engineering is involved with study of electronics, electromagnetism and electricity. It has electronic engineering, computer engineering, power engineering, and optical engineering. Mechanical engineering deals with comprises the design and analysis of mechanical power and heat for the operation of mechanics and mechanical system. It consist of few important subject such as acoustic engineering, manufacturing engineering, opto-mechanical engineering, thermal engineering, sports engineering, vehicle engineering, power plant engineering, energy engineering and so on.