Refund Policy

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  • - You can cancel your order before a writer has been assigned to complete the work. If the writer has already started the work then you cannot cancel the order. This is because the expert (writer) may ask for compensation for the work he or she done.
  • - If you have any query related to the charges, you can mail us at ([email protected])
  • - In case of unavailability of writer, then you next assignment (same value) will be done for free of cost.
  • - We always try to provide you with high quality work which has very less chances of rework, but you escalate on the work if you find any issues related to the work. However you have to escalate within the one month of solution submission. The rework escalations after one month, will not be entertained and no refund will be made.
  • - We provide you a high quality work and it is never happen that the student will be failed in the assignment, in case if it happens then we will refund half of your money. However you will have to provide authentic fail proof within one month. The reason for not refunding full amount is that the writer take the advance payment from us, therefore it is not possible for us to refund the full amount.